1st batch of COVID-19 patients walk out from hospitals in Wuhan

February 13 ------ A first batch of 34 patients contracted with the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) were discharged from three temporary mobile hospitals in Wuhan City, central China's Hubei Province last Tuesday. The three temporary medical facilities with multiple functions such as emergency aid, treatment and clinical examination services, were set up to admit and treat novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with mild symptoms of the virus. So far, nearly 4,000 patients have been admitted to the three temporary hospitals.

"I was admitted to the hospital in the early morning on Feb 6. I didn't expect to be discharged so soon. Thanks to Party and the medical staff for taking great care of me. The other patients were also happy for me and took it as an encouragement," said Pan Hui, a patient among the first discharged from a convention center-converted hospital in Wuhan. "I was hoping to get out of hospital as soon as possible, but I got used to staying here because the amenities and services are great and the medical staff are all very nice," said Zhang Fen, another patient discharged from the same hospital.

These patients were discharged after undergoing two nucleic acid tests, chest radiography, blood tests, and being confirmed that they showed no sign of fever. The release of the first batch of patients from the hospitals has brought a sense of vigor and confidence to the remaining patients. Recently a group of patients square dancing in another cultural building-turned hospital went viral on social media.

Yan Hao, head of the nursing squad of the second medical team sent by east China's Anhui Province, said it was part of the activities that the staff had planned for the patients to get them moving and exercise. "We wanted to organize some fun activities for the patients. Most of the patients we have admitted here are between 40 and 50 years old. So square dancing is suitable for this age group," said Yan. "The medical staff are all working very hard, and we feel grateful for the government for providing us with the best medical supplies and medicines. We need to bring the positive energy to more people," said He Dan, a patient.

Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital also saw 18 patients with the disease released on Tuesday. A 61-year-old lady surnamed Xie, who was seriously ill with the disease, was discharged after 11 days of treatment. "I was in a serious condition back then and I felt like I was about to die. But I was relieved when I was taken to the hospital. This disease is treatable and we should be strong in order to defeat it," said Xie. A medical center in Huanggang City in Hubei Province also discharged 26 patients after they had recovered on Tuesday. "I want to thank the medical teams from Shandong and Hunan Provinces for giving up their chance for family reunions during the Chinese New Year in order to treat us and save our lives. Thank you very much," said a recovered patient surnamed Niu.

Source: gmanetwork.com